The Inspiration

You’ve probably noticed at the front of some books something along the lines of “the following is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to real people or events is completely coincidental.”  Some of you may have noticed that I have no such disclaimer at the beginning of my novel.

There are in fact characters in my novel based off of some of my friends.  These friends have given me permission to use their likenesses in my novel.

Readers who did not care to look at the author bio on the book’s back cover would still probably be able to guess my personal occupation by reading only a small portion of my novel.  You could say that I’ve put myself into the novel on more than one level (just like I meant more than one thing by the book’s dedication, in case you didn’t catch it).  Although Grocery Avenue is undeniably inspired by my time spent working in grocery stores, it is a completely fictional company that is not intended to be seen as an accurate reflection of any real life store or company.

What might come as a shock to many people is how much of the supernatural elements of the store was based off of events that I believe to be true.

Of course “Prefect” was a completely fictional character, and there was a great deal of conjecture regarding the viewpoint of a demon.  But a significant amount of the supernatural content was based on the accounts of trustworthy people.

Given enough interest, I am willing to go into further detail about the inspiration about anything in my novel.


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